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The little fairy flew wearily and sat on the petal of the daisy. She stretched her arms and legs, straightened her wings and huffed with disappointment. The day today was sunny and she could at least enjoy the warm beams of the sun. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. In less than five minutes her friend landed with rush on the petal right next to her.

Well slow down a bit! she yelled at her, you will knock me down!

And so? As if you don’t know how to fly… her friend replied immediately with her high pitched voice.

Mmm smartass, as always. Can you tell me where you were all day? I was looking for you to go and collect dews. Did you forget that it was our turn today?

Of course not. How can anyone forget about dews? she said licking her lips and rubbed her belly.

As it is known spring morning dews are fairies’ favorite drink. Every spring they collect as much as they can and store them inside their small pots made of hazelnuts. The dews’ taste is irresistible, as the fairies claim, for the spring morning moisture is enriched by the ethereal aromas and the exotic tastes of the leaves and the flowers. The secret is to collect the dews in the right time. Neither too early, before the water absorbs all these elements from the grass and the blossoms, nor too late, when their taste will be already too heavy and intense. And our little fairy and her friend are quite famous for their ability to choose the exact right moment for this job.

fairy2So, where were you?

I was down the stream under the big plane washing my wings. Didn’t you notice? Look how shinny they are now!

She looked at her friend’s wings. They were indeed very shinny and you could now see clearly their soft yellow lines. The fairy then looked at her own wings. They were so dusty and she thought she would probably have to wash hers too very soon.

And today was the right day to do that? You know that when you wet your wings it takes a lot of time to get them dry again and we had to fly over many flowers today.

Yes I know that, but didn’t you notice? Today the sun is too bright, the dews won’t be of good quality, they will be warm and too condensed. My uncle that can smell the rain said that tomorrow it will be a bit cloudy. Tomorrow is a good day to collect fresh, cool dews: so cool dew-de! said joyfully and laughed with her play of the words “dew” and “dude”.

Pfff, ok, so be it, we’ll go tomorrow, answered the fairy bored.

Hey, what happened to you? You usually laugh a lot with my silly jokes.

Well, I am not so fine. And it is your fault! she accused her.

My fault? Why? What did I do?

You didn’t come on your time and I got bored waiting so I went down to the human village to play.

We must share a secret here that you might have heard of before or you might not. The fairies are not just cute tiny creatures that live in the woods next to streams enjoying nature, they are also big troublemakers. Oh yes! They love getting involved in the lives of humans. Humans of course cannot see them and that is why they attribute all fairies’ acts to … luck! The next time you’ll take out of your bag your ear-phones in order to listen to the music and you’ll find the cable tangled with a thousand knots think again before you say that you are just unlucky. And if some day you literally fall on someone that will turn out to be the love of your life don’t rush into blessing your luck and not maybe some fairy.  Because fairies have a sixth sense about these matters, the love matters. And their favorite thing after music and dancing under the moonlight is to bring humans closer and make them fall in love. Some while ago, our little fairy has started a game just like that. A man and a woman. She brought them together in the local fair when she kicked as hard as she could the ice cream the woman was holding, making it landing on the brand new shirt of the “unlucky” man that was passing by. She didn’t have to do anything else after that and those two soon became a couple. But now something was not going well, something was not right.

So? her friend encouraged her to go on. What happened in the village?

I went to have a look at… my experiment.

Aaah the love birds! she said giggling. Your first couple! So how is it going? My grandma says it is yet too soon to try coupling humans, we have not fully developed, as she says, our sixth sense. Of course I told her nothing about your experiment, she would rip my wings right out of my back and never let me see you again.

Well, yes…the fairy answered disappointed. Your grandma probably is right. My experiment failed big time.

Oh no! What do you mean? What happened? Come on, tell me, don’t leave me in agony!

They broke up. And not only that, he now hates her as well! And she cries all day, she said ready to start crying herself.

I don’t believe that! Are you sure? But how did that happen? They were so in love, they couldn’t stay away from each other. It was clear that they had moved from the “in love” to the “real love”, the final phase of a coupling. Your experiment should have ended with absolute success.

Well it didn’t. The “in love” became “real love” but then the love ended. I went to her place and I saw her crying from the window while she was listening the songs he used to put for her some days ago. Those songs used to make her smile and now she was crying. I couldn’t believe it so I flew quickly to his place to see what is going on. And he was there, with friends, having fun, as if nothing had happened. I tried to listen what they were saying of course. And I heard them talking about her…and laughing. They were making fun of her! Truly unbelievable! I cannot explain it. It just ended. Something happened and his love ended. My mum says love stays in our hearts. Maybe there was a hole in his heart and all the love run out and simply… ended. Like a well that is empty when it gets dried out. But the heart of the woman is still full of it, so much love that she doesn’t know what to do with it. Why can’t we just take some from her and fill up the man’s heart with it again? And then simply close the hole. How hard can it be to close a hole?

The two fairies stayed there sitting on the petals of the daisy without talking for some time, overwhelmed by their thoughts. A bee passed them by buzzing but they paid no attention to it. Well, you have to understand that such an outcome was a big shock for the fairies, especially the young ones who did not have much experience yet on the world of humans. They couldn’t fully understand the meaning of hate even though they were using the word in their conversations. The fairies lack a characteristic that humans unfortunately bear in abundance. Fairies cannot hate. It is impossible for a fairy to hate anything. There might be something that they don’t like or something that bothers them or even disgusts them but there is nothing they hate. Maybe that is why when they love, they love forever. And of course they couple only once in their lifetime and stay with the same mate till their days are over. Such lucky creatures! But here they were, two of these creatures, sad, bothering their little minds and trying to understand why love in humans ends.

It doesn’t end, said the friend of our fairy suddenly breaking the silence. Humans might not be like us but there is no way they are so cruel in the matters of the heart. You cannot unlove someone. I have a theory.

What theory? asked eagerly the fairy, hoping her friend’s theory would make her feel better.

Humans just forget!

-They forget?

Yes, they forget. We know already they are very forgetful. They always leave something behind every time they leave home for example and that is when we get our chance and we take that something and hide it in the most unbelievable places.

Yes you are right, said the fairy and smiled as she remembered quite a few of her similar successful mischiefs.

Since they forget things, they might also forget people. And feelings. They are so weird in any case that something like that doesn’t seem strange to me. And they also forget love. Love doesn’t run out of their hearts, it stays there, forgotten but always there. And they throw stuff on it because they don’t want to see it, they want to keep it forgotten, maybe for some reason this love that they felt one day bothers them now.

And what exactly do they throw on it?

-Hmm I don’t know, stuff. Whatever they find, maybe even some of this “hate” that they only know what it is. They cover love with hate and leave it there hidden.

This is not pleasant at all! In fact it is even worse. I would rather love to end than to be covered with hate. I don’t like your theory, complained the little fairy.

You fool, listen to me, I am not finished yet! Humans might be weird but they are also wise from times to times. They have a saying: “times heals everything” or something like that. So it should also heal hate.

Hmm, said the fairy with disbelief.

Well yes, listen to me. When time goes by, the hate fades away. It is decomposed just like the autumn leaves in our yards. For this hate is not real, it is just something they use to forget their old love. But this love was real. And it stays there waiting, like a small diamond, to shine on again after time passes.

So you mean that after some time the woman and the man will be together again? Asked the little fairy hopefully.

No. Or even yes, you never know. But no, that was not what I wanted to say. What I want to say is that after some time the man will remember how this woman made him feel back then and that their love was real. And even if they could not stay together, this love, this little diamond, deserves to be kept in his heart, in the place it should always be. And so love doesn’t end, she concluded happily.

I like your theory, said the fairy smiling. I like it a lot! And it is not at all impossible to me. In the contrary, the more I think about it the more possible it seems. Oh and think about that, how lucky are the humans that met more than one mates and fell in love with them all, they filled their hearts with a bunch of little diamonds! What could be better than having a heart full of diamonds?!

Ha ha, you see, now everything makes sense with humans! So don’t you ever again say that love ends. Love becomes a diamond!

Yes, love becomes a diamond, she said and got up happily from the petal.

She jumped and flew right in front of her friend.

Come on, said reaching for her hand. Let’s go home, I am sure our folks will be looking for us.

Yes and they will be definitely worried. I hope they will be so relieved when they see us that they will forget the fact we didn’t collect any dews.

The little fairies laughed and flew towards the large forest.

I only wish for her to stop crying soon, said the fairy as she was disappearing among the trees with her friend.











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