Heartbeat by  Alen Kopera 

There are words that can stand alone. Words that draw all the power of speech. They don’t need to be in sentences, paragraphs or whole stories, in order for you to feel them or understand them. These are the words that flood you with emotions. Steven King once said that “alone” is the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn’t hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym. I am thinking that the most scary thing about the word “alone” is that it was made to describe something that truly exists.

And then I wish for these horrible words to cease to exist, every single one of them, in every language. I wish we would all forget how to pronounce them, and most importantly, forget how they feel. No need for any mouth to speak them again. And the languages of the world would stay filled with beautiful words. Beloved words, that you want to speak and hear every day.

A word like that has stuck in my mind the last days, and the more I think about it, the more I believe that this must be my own favorite word. “Soulmate”. A mate for your soul. What is more wonderful than a soul that matches your own? A soul that fits inside you, like a missing piece that you finally found. Well now, don’t get me wrong, I do not mean that we ourselves are not enough and we need someone to feel complete. But who would deny to spend his life with someone that makes him feel this way, makes him feel whole, even if he does not need it? I know you will call me a dreamer but I am not. Of course, there is not a single soulmate for each one of us. Our soulmates are many. Our friends are our soulmates, you can’t deny that. Our lovers are soulmates – not all, some were simple enthusiasm. And they change because we change. Souls that were our mates at our 20s, may no longer be at our 30s. Which one will come in your way every time it may be a matter of luck. And until then, it is hard. It is hard, not to realize the one that is your match but the one that is not, and let it go. Your need to find it prevents you from seeing it and you are wasting your time with souls that are not meant for you. Yet this might be neccessary to realize its true worth when we come across it. Perhaps that is the reason why I like this word so much. For it describes something that is worth it. It worths the waiting, the patience and the persistence, until the day comes when you will be able to call someone with that word. And when it comes, please, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid what is going to be, if it is here to stay or how long it will last. Whatever happens with a soulmate, it will never die, it will live forever inside you and inside him or her. Soulmates never die.


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