Color Illustrations Project by Zkhar Krylov

Do you remember the days when your breath was short,

yet your tears were plenty?

Do you remember the mornings when the faces around you were melting?

Do you remember the evenings when the colors of the paintings were fading?

Do you remember the nights when the sound of your loneliness was awaking you?

Do you remember the times when your fears were choking you?

Do you remember your hands shaking?

Do you remember your heart breaking?

Do you remember the hole in your chest?

Do you remember the death in your sleep?

Do you remember your empty embrace?

Do you remember the mirror you hated?

Do you remember the chaos in your head?

Do you remember yourself?

Do you remember how you lost her?


and then forget.

For now you’ve found her again.

Along came he and showed you who you are.

Along came he and gave you breath.

Along came he and wiped your eyes,

took your hand and brought you to the light.

Along came he and the colors on the paintings returned,

and the hole inside you was gone.

For along came he and saved you.


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