Forget It All

Color Illustrations Project by Zkhar Krylov

Do you remember the days when your breath was short,

yet your tears were plenty?

Do you remember the mornings when the faces around you were melting?

Do you remember the evenings when the colors of the paintings were fading? Read more


The Princess With The Sad Eyes

Unknown artist

The prince with the blonde hair and the blue eyes threw for one more time the rope into the window of the high tower. The hook, that was tied in the end of the rope, got finally stuck on the inside part of the stone wall. He pulled the rope to make sure it was safe and then started climbing up the wall so skillfully and fast that even a cat would envy him. When he reached the top, he jumped quietly inside. The room, like the rest of the castle, was completely dark so he could only distinguish few things under the light of the full moon. Read more

Scattered Thoughts 2 – Soulmates

Heartbeat by  Alen Kopera 

There are words that can stand alone. Words that draw all the power of speech. They don’t need to be in sentences, paragraphs or whole stories, in order for you to feel them or understand them. These are the words that flood you with emotions. Steven King once said that “alone” is the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn’t hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym. I am thinking that the most scary thing about the word “alone” is that it was made to describe something that truly exists.

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One Last Play

   Legolas and Gimli Depart by Turner Mohan.              “We have heard tell that Legolas took Gimli Glòin’s son with him because of their great friendship, greater than any that has been between Elf and Dwarf. If this is true, then it is strange indeed: that a Dwarf should be willing to leave Middle-earth for any love, or that the Eldar should receive him, or that the Lords of the West should permit it. But it is said that Gimli went also out of desire to see again the beauty of Galadriel; and it may be that she, being mighty among the Eldar, obtained this grace for him. More cannot be said of this matter” – The Return of the King, Appendix A, J.R.R. Tolkien

The sun was slowly sinking into the sea, painting the waves orange while the bench at the edge of the cliff was patiently waiting for the arrival of its usual visitors. It was a hot day and a light wind was gently disturbing the leaves of the trees in the forest. It was yet another quite autumn evening, there, between the two kingdoms, far away from the confusion of people and their everyday life, right in the stillness and peacefulness of nature. Read more

The Music And The Mermaid (part B)

Unknown artist

– Where did you find the Music?

– Music is everywhere. I am sure you also have your own kind of music in the bottom of the sea. I found this particular one, along with the gramophone, on Earth.

– There it goes, that Earth again. There are many pretty things on this planet, right?

– Yes, there are many pretty things. And many beautiful people. But there are many ugly things too.

– What do you mean? Read more

The Music And The Mermaid (Part A)

Unknown Artist

The little mermaid took the colorful dress from the large metal closet and the tiny notebook that she was keeping inside a huge shell. Both items were tightly wrapped with plastic membrane in order to be preserved dry in the bottom of the sea. With swift moves, she swam outside the cabin of the shipwreck and headed towards her favorite coral reef. Read more

I Was Waiting For You

Jekyll and Hyde by Tim Lane

The time was already half past eight. It was dark outside and no one was left in the lab except her. She had to finish the report her boss asked for before the weekend. She really loved her job but she was tired of and sometimes even stressed over these formal meetings when they had to go through every little detail her boss would think of at that very moment. The girl would finish the analysis of the last data and go home soon. There was no reason to continue, her performance had dropped and she needed rest. Her eyes were aching, her head was buzzing and her back was hurting. I am exhausted … again! she thought and stretched her body. She got up and started walking a bit around the tiny room in order to feel better. Read more

The Time Traveler (Part C)

Unknown Artist

– So I am a primitive man who does not understand your … progressive relationship, I admit that, said the man unwillingly, just so that he could continue his wandering in this definitely unpredictable future. There is something else that I am obviously not able to understand. Way before your partner interrupts us, you mentioned that you are 50 years old. Truth be told, for the standards of my times, you look no more than 30, the same age as mine, and your girlfriend does not look older than 18 for sure. I imagine this question will sound primitive to you as well but how is that possible?

The girl laughed.

– Darling, will you explain to him? asked her partner, showing no interest as she was walking away. Read more