Sometimes My Arms Bend Back

Twin Peaks, Season 1, Episode 2

After she lighted all the candles, the psychic sat on her old armchair and the young woman on the chair across her. They both knew the process well now. The old woman, with her eyes shut, stretched her skinny hands on the oak table, reached the woman’s hands, held them tight, and started mumbling the familiar words in the ancient language of the gypsies. The flames of the candles flickered. When she finished her ritual, she looked at the woman with her black like coal eyes and said: Read more


Goldfish In A Bowl

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

The two goldfish were swimming in the same bowl. One on one side and the other one on the opposite, they made circles without ever meeting. Round and round they went, endlessly. They chased each other, but they did not know it. For a long time. They never wondered whether they should wait for a moment or just stop.

Until one day a rock appeared in the bowl, with an entrance to what it seemed as a small cave. Both goldfish approached with curiosity to explore it. And at last they stumbled upon each other.

 That’s a pretty tail you’ve got there, said the first goldfish.

Thank you, the other one responded. Read more

Don’t Look In The Mirror

Unknown artist

The girl run up the stairs holding the little chest tightly in her arms.  She entered her room, shut the door behind her and looked around trying to find a decent hiding place.

– Sandra? her mother called her from downstairs. Is that you? Are you back from school already?

– Yes, mom, it’s me. I’m coming down in a moment, just wait a sec, she replied hastily since she didn’t want her mother to come upstairs, in her room, before she could hide what she had brought with her. Read more

Give Me Shape

Unknown artist

– Aren’t you tired shifting shapes every now and then? the tiny robin asked the wolf.

The wolf, that was not a real wolf but a shapeshifter in the shape of a wolf, kept staring skeptically at the surface of the still lake, as if he hadn’t heard the question. After a while, he replied:

– I have no option. This is who I am. I am tired, yes. Countless times I have wished to stay a wolf, a fox, a deer, even an ant, anything, as long as I don’t have to shift so unexpectedly and painfully. To just know who I am and where I belong to. But… it is not possible. And I have to finally learn to live with that. Read more

Birthday Present

Hands of the Puppeteer, by Sara Riches

It was an awfully hot day. The young girl sat on the bench across the central slide of the playground and left the large bag next to her feet. Her black dog jumped on the bench and put his head on her lap. An old lady passed by, staring at the dog with repulsion.

– Benches are for humans, she muttered looking at the girl, not for dogs.

– Life is for the young, not for wrinkled old women, was the bitter response of the girl.

The old woman’s mouth hung open in surprise. Read more

Forget It All

Color Illustrations Project by Zkhar Krylov

Do you remember the days when your breath was short,

yet your tears were plenty?

Do you remember the mornings when the faces around you were melting?

Do you remember the evenings when the colors of the paintings were fading? Read more

The Princess With The Sad Eyes

Unknown artist

The prince with the blonde hair and the blue eyes threw for one more time the rope into the window of the high tower. The hook, that was tied in the end of the rope, got finally stuck on the inside part of the stone wall. He pulled the rope to make sure it was safe and then started climbing up the wall so skillfully and fast that even a cat would envy him. When he reached the top, he jumped quietly inside. The room, like the rest of the castle, was completely dark so he could only distinguish few things under the light of the full moon. Read more

Scattered Thoughts 2 – Soulmates

Heartbeat by  Alen Kopera 

There are words that can stand alone. Words that draw all the power of speech. They don’t need to be in sentences, paragraphs or whole stories, in order for you to feel them or understand them. These are the words that flood you with emotions. Steven King once said that “alone” is the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn’t hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym. I am thinking that the most scary thing about the word “alone” is that it was made to describe something that truly exists.

Read more